Bowl and Pitcher and Love

This Saturday I will have the privilege to shoot this fun couples wedding! We squeezed in an engagement session just a couple weeks ago down at the river at Bowl and Pitcher. There was another couple having their engagement session done as well, but by a photographer with all the “cool” gear. Although it actually seemed way too hot to be lugging lights and such around. And besides, we got to go hiking up trails they didn’t venture down.

I played around with a few new action combos on these. I’m not sure if I love them yet, but I do enjoy trying a new look now and then.

2h photo IMG_4435copysoft_zpsa884a9da.jpg 1h photo IMG_4431copysummersoft_zpsa20554fd.jpg

3v photo IMG_4440copysummersoft_zpsf95c7b35.jpg

4v photo IMG_4544copysummersoft_zps7fe683e2.jpg

5v photo IMG_4556copy_zps6c212f54.jpg

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