A few weeks back this fun, kind, and obviously in love, couple was brave enough to venture to Cd’A with me for engagement pictures. We were hoping for evening magical light but had a hard time finding it. After a little while at Tubbs Hill I suggested Sander’s Beach. It had been over 10 years since I’d been down to that area. Before I was of driving age. Probably because I’d never driven to Sanders on my own, I wasn’t sure how to even get there. So we meandered streets and happily stumbled upon the right one in a matter of minutes. I felt pretty blond not knowing my way around my “hometown” better, but then again, I am a country kid who rarely made it off the farm or out of the woods. Guess not much has changed. Summer is here (nearly gone), and I’ve spent every waking minute working on something that makes leaving to camp in the woods possible. But, the light was beautiful when we did find this little gem of a spot and we were able to finish out our session with a smile on my face, and hopefully on theirs too!

 photo bwIMG_2235copy_zps8d55d0ca.jpg

4v photo IMG_2315copy_zps4c2b7c09.jpg

5v photo IMG_2326copy_zps43a213a4.jpg

6v photo IMG_9458copy2_zps516deac6.jpg

2v photo bwIMG_2378copy_zps92131184.jpg

3v photo bwIMG_9528copy_zps6bcee253.jpg

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