Is It Ok To Have Favorites?

I mean, I know it gives kids a complex if Mom and Dad play favorites, but no client would feel that way if I told you this family was one of my favorites, right?! I hope not since I really truly love all my clients! But, that said, this mama does a great job of producing beautiful babies and then dressing them in perfectly coordinated outfits that always fit the setting wonderfully. And that’s a feat, I know! After a couple of reschedules due to handsome baby boy breaking his collarbone :-(, then the terrific wind storm that ripped through here a few weeks back, we finally met up at Finch to capture these shots.

 photo IMG_1103copy_zps74b7689b.jpg

 photo IMG_4744copy_zps7ec3e0e7.jpg

 photo IMG_4663copy_zps6f112f96.jpg

 photo IMG_4381copy_zpsafae1329.jpg

 photo IMG_4553copy_zps71281e25.jpg

 photo IMG_4761copy_zpsefa8d2f3.jpg

 photo IMG_4391copy_zpsc4850222.jpg

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  1. John Tapscott

    Yes, I’m biased seeing as those two cuties are my grandchildren but I agree with you 100%! Your work is excellent!


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