This is what other people say:
Fun, Creative, Down-to-Earth, Simple, Talented, Passionate, Loving, Hardworking, Thrifty, Artistic, Country Girl, Imaginative, Kind, Family-Oriented, Happy mother with good roots. My word, I have generous friends!
This is what I say:
Fun (when I’ve had my coffee), Creative (at coming up with excuses to procrastinate), Down-to-Earth (literally, I like playing in the dirt), Simple (my husband would beg to differ. He thinks I’m very complicated many days), Talented (at very few things), Passionate (about photography, my kids, dogs, guns, and trucks), Loving (my little man rolls his eyes when I tell him “I Love You” for the 50th time in a day), Hardworking (who said that?!), Thrifty (you can just say it. I’m a tightwad. No need to sugar-coat it.), Artistic (is that what they call it when you wear prints, stripes, and florals all at once and don’t think twice?), Country Girl (I will really try to refrain from using “ain’t” at your wedding, but if you’d like me to wear something other than jeans and boots you had better say so!), Imaginative (well, I do have lots of imaginary conversations in my head prior to actually talking to people. Must be the years of extreme shyness I am still overcoming), Kind (not to spiders!!), Happy mother with good roots (true, with many caveats such as after coffee, before 16 loads of laundry, and only if you don’t dig too far into that root system!) 



About My Photography:

But, since you’re probably here to know about me in terms of being your photographer, here goes:
I was bitten by the photography bug the day I had my senior portraits taken by Brady Campbell. He’s amazing! I follow his work on facebook these days and am inspired continually. I took my first photography class at NIC my first year in college with a borrowed camera. I took my second class after I bought my first film SLR. Before too long, my then-to-be husband was bribing my love with nice camera gear. My first DSLR purchase of a Canon 30D was made in time for me to photograph my first love: logging! Then came our son and plenty of practice time on him. A move and one more photography class at Spokane Falls Community College followed a year later. Now I shoot with a Canon 50D, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, and a zoom lens occasionally. I can’t say I have a “niche” that I prefer shooting at this time. I am equally drawn to families, weddings, children, babies, and seniors. No matter what the occasion I want to capture what’s happening at that moment in time. If your three year old has a “cheesy” grin, that’s ok. That’s who they are and that’s a memory nonetheless. So, if you’ve browsed my work and like what you see, I would love for you to contact me and we’ll chat!